Our offer

When intending to enter the Hungarian market it is of crucial importance to have the best combination of information, organization and realization.

Even the best idea needs professional realization. We, at Lazar Consultant Ltd. have the expertise to help your company through the critical stages of developing a new business. Wether you’re a start-up or an already established company we provide you information for taking successful business decisions.

Being complex but flexible, we offer the following services to help you get the best results from your travel arrangement and, most importantly, from your meetings with the contacts you expect:
  • Identifying potential partners and establishing the first contacts - local assistance in organizing and faciliating meetings with Hungarian companies, organizations and private persons. - Good to talk with the right persons;
  • Investment and local business environment information concerning - legislation, taxation, regulation, customs, insurance, company registry, bank information, financial support, intangibles, licencing, etc. Relevant and timely information for the right decisions;
  • Competitors' and market surveys, press reviews, store checks;
  • mediating in conflict resolution and resolving cross-cultural contact problems;
  • Training in - Hungarian business environment and conditions, business promotions;
  • Organizing presentations, conferences, symposia; information on participation at exhibitions and trade fairs, personal support, translation (English, French, German, Hungarian or others, if needed), i.e. helping in the penetration to the market;
  • Realizing various marketing and publicity actions;
  • Agency and representation activity, assisting to select the right distributors or representants.

    Other services

    After being through the first steps of setting up your business in Hungary the challenge may still require further assistance. If you choose to carry on the co-operation here are some of our further services available:

  • Proposing specialized experts - lawyer, accountant, headhunter, advertisment agency etc.
  • Arrangement of travel, hotel or cultural programs, ladies’ and childrens’ programs
  • Secretarial services, courrier, mail-box
  • Pick-up, transport, storage and other logistical services
  • Hostess service at presentations, conferences, exhibitions
  • Translation service, text writing

    The list is incomplete, since we cater for individual needs as the arise.

    For further information and our personalized offer, please contact us.